Oracle PL\SQL Programming Training

This is an intense course that is designed to give the student maximum exposure to Oracle PL/SQL tuning and performance optimization. The PL/SQL tuning class topics start with the basic PL/SQL performance tuning and progress into increasingly complex tuning techniques, including bulking, and using ref cursors.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand the features and syntax of PL/SQL
  • Write simple and advanced PL/SQL code blocks
  • Use scalar and complex data types
  • Understand and create nested blocks and variable scope
  • Apply conditionals and loops in PL/SQL
  • Create and manage user-defined exceptions
  • Create subprograms, stored procedures and functions
  • Use PL/SQL constants and Boolean values
  • Apply the PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT clause
  • Design and execute PL/SQL anonymous block

Mode of delivery: Fully instructor-led classroom or online training
Duration: 30 hours