Shell Programming for UNIX System Administrators Training

This course provides the necessary skills to write effective shell scripts to automate the administrative functions in a UNIX environment.
This course covers advanced shell programming for technical users and UNIX system administrators. The course also thoroughly treats other functions such as the shell as the user interface, the shell as customisation tool for the user environment, and the shell as front end for command customization. Shell scripts combine commands together and act similarly to batch files. With a shell and shell scripts, you can customize your system, automate tedious daily tasks, better perform your work, and get more out of your computers.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Identify features of Bourne and bash shells
  • Write real world administration scripts
  • Write reporting scripts
  • Maintain existing scripts
  • Use flow control constructs, such as branching and looping
  • Customize system-wide shell initialization files
  • Develop and debug scripts
  • Use local and environmental variables and shell metacharacters in scripts
  • Develop interactive scripts
  • Write a script that uses functions
  • Write scripts that uses functions and traps
  • Access and process command-line arguments passed into a script
  • Write sed scripts to perform noninteractive editing tasks
  • Write nawk scripts to manipulate individual fields within a record
  • Write nawk scripts to write reports based upon an input file
  • Perform string manipulation and integer arithmetic on shell variables
  • Develop a USAGE message to display when a script in invoked incorrectly
  • Identify considerations for using functions
  • Identify the features of signals
  • Perform the action to trap signals
  • Learn to download custom made scripts and use them

Mode of delivery: Fully instructor-led classroom or online training
Duration: 24 hours