Veritas File System (VFS) Training

Veritas File System (VxFS) was the first commercial journaling file system. VxFS is also an extent-based, intent logging file system. VxFS is designed for use in operating environments that require high performance and availability and deal with large amounts of data.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Install the Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System (SFCFS)
  • Configure a cluster to provide messaging services.
  • Upgrade product using the procedures
  • Upgrade cluster nodes to the latest version of Storage Foundation Cluster File System
  • Add a node to an existing cluster and remove a node from a cluster
  • Create, mount, tune a VxFS performance
  • Monitor free space Tuning I/O
  • Perform backup using file system snapshots

Mode of delivery: Fully instructor-led classroom or online training
Duration: 20 hours