Machine Learning for Data Scientists

R Programming

Mode of delivery: Instructor-led classroom or online training
Duration: 60 hours

Course Curriculum

Introduction to R Programming
  • History and Applications
  • The R environment
  • Related software and documentation
  • R and statistics
  • Using R interactively
  • An introductory session
  • Getting help with functions and features
  • R commands, case sensitivity, etc.
  • Recall and correction of previous commands
  • Executing commands from or diverting output to a file

Simple Manipulations: Numbers and Vectors
  • Vectors and assignment
  • Vector arithmetic
  • Generating regular sequences

Arrays and Matrices
  • Arrays
  • Array indexing. Subsections of an array
  • Index matrices
  • The array() function

Lists and Data Frames
  • Constructing and modifying lists
  • Making and working with data frames

Reading Data from Files
  • The read table() function
  • Packages
Online Inquiry

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