Red Hat Certified System Administration 2

This course is a follow up to Red Hat Certified System Administration I and continues to utilize today’s best-of-breed, contemporary teaching methodology. Students will be actively engaged in task-focused activities, lab-based knowledge checks, and facilitative discussions to ensure maximum skills transfer and retention.

By the end of this course, students will be able to administer and troubleshoot file systems and partitioning, logical volume management, access control, and package management. This course prepares students for the Red Hat Certified System Administration examination.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Access the command line locally and remotely
  • Gain administration privileges from the command line
  • Use intermediate command line tools (hardlinks, archives, compression, vim)
  • Apply regular expressions, pipelines, and I/O redirection
  • Configure network settings
  • Troubleshoot network issues
  • Create and format simple, swap and encrypted partitions
  • Implement LVM and LVM snapshots
  • Access network file sharing services (NFS, CIFS, autofs)
  • Manage user accounts including password aging
  • Control access to files (group memberships, file permissions, access control lists)
  • Activate and deactivate SELinux
  • Manage software and query information with yum
  • Configure client-side yum repository files
  • Manage installed services and verify connectivity to a service
  • Analyze and store logs
  • Manage and maintain processes
  • List, load, and remove modules and use kernel arguments
  • Troubleshoot problems

Mode of delivery: Instructor-led classroom or online training
Duration: 30 hours

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