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SAP BI - Business Intelligence

SAP BI also called as SAP Business Warehouse (BW) is an analytical, reporting and Data Warehousing solution produced by SAP AG. It is often used by companies who run their business on SAP. BI is a part of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. It also includes end-user reporting tools such as Report Designer, BEx Query Designer, BEx Web Application Designer and BEx Analyzer.

This course focuses on the core capability of SAP BI software and the wide application of BI/BW within an enterprise environment. During the course candidates will work on case scenarios, configurations and more.

This course will focus more on the practical angle thus bringing real world application of SAP Business Intelligence to the classroom.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of ERP and SAP Application Server
  • Perform Data Warehousing/ BW/ BI
  • Perform Data Modeling
  • Design Infocubes and Data Store Objects (DSO)
  • Use InfoSets and MultiProviders
  • Understand the comparison between InfoCubes and DSO
  • Understand the metadata and document management
  • Use BI content
  • Perform data extractions and transformations
  • Understand the various reporting tools
  • Perform OLAP and OLTP operations
  • Perform advanced BI reporting
  • Integrate planning

Mode of delivery: Instructor-led classroom or online training
Duration: 40 hours

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to SAP R/3, ECC and BW
  • BW architecture
  • Multi dimensional Modeling
  • Star Schema, BW extended Star Schema
  • Administrator Work Bench
  • InfoObjects (attributes and texts and hierarchies)
  • InfoCubes, Transactional (Real-time) InfoCubes
  • ODS (DSO) – Standard, Transactional and Write Optimized
  • PSA, Source Systems
  • InfoSource
  • InfoPackage
  • Transfer Rules
  • Update Rules
  • Transformation
  • Data Transfer Process
  • Loading Master Data using flat files
  • Loading transaction data using flat files
  • ODS – Change Log, Active Table and New Table
  • Managing Delta using ODS
  • MultiProviders
  • Process Chains
  • Open Hub service
  • Data Marts
  • InfoSpokes
  • Open Hub Destination
  • Aggregates
  • Activating the Business content
  • Loading Master data from ECC
  • Delta Management
  • Various types of R3 Extractors
  • Extraction from LO Cockpit
  • User Exits
  • SAP landscape and Transports
  • Real Time Data Acquisition
  • BEx reporting – BEx Query Designer, Calculated and Restricted Key
  • Figures, Variables (Characteristic, Formula and Text Variables)
  • Query properties, Exceptions and Conditions, BEx Analyzer
  • Workbooks, Report to Report Interface (RRI)
  • Information Broadcasting
  • Web Application Designer
  • Report Designer
  • Generic Extractors
  • InfoSets
  • Slowly changing dimensions and realignments
  • Universal Data Connect (UDC)
  • BW and XI integration
  • BW and APO integration
  • Business Planning and Simulation (BPS)
  • Mini Project
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