SAP SD - Sales and Distribution

SAP Sales and Distribution is part of the Logistics module and is about managing the sales resources of an organization. Students learn the main functionality within SD namely: Sales Order Management, Pricing, Delivery and Shipping, Billing or Invoicing. SD is tightly integrated with Materials Management and Production Planning modules.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Navigate the SAP system
  • Use the basic help functions
  • Make personal system settings
  • Integrate sales in the sales process chain
  • Configure customizing so that it represents your specific sales requirements
  • Adjust and use help within the system
  • Describe the role of shipping and goods receipt within the supply chain
  • Perform the different functions in goods receipt and shipping processing
  • Configure the system to your requirements for goods receipt and shipping processing
  • Describe the integration of billing within the Sales and distribution process chain and the transfer of data to financial accounting
  • Carry out the customizing configurations for your company-specific billing requirements
  • Describe the elements of the pricing condition technique and the relationships between them
  • Convert your pricing requirements to the necessary pricing strategy
  • Make the necessary customizing settings to implement your pricing strategy
  • Understand complex relationships when mapping organizational structures
  • Adapt copying control
  • Configure text control
  • Implement output control
  • Explain the options for system modification in any release
  • Modify the interface for transactions and master data in sales and distribution

Mode of delivery: Instructor-led classroom or online training
Duration: 60 hours

Course Curriculum

  • Sales Overview
  • Enterprise overview and creation with cross module overview
  • Sales order creation/information process
  • Behaviour and control of sales document types
  • Modifying the sales document types with item category according to the business needs
  • Sales document and item schedule control
  • The screen flow in sales and data transformation
  • Special Business sales process and transaction
  • Document process in incompletion
  • Business partners and its determination
  • Outline agreements and its overview
  • Material Determination
  • Free goods and its sales process
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