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Our Cornerstones: Experience and Excellence

UWIN Pro, a leading provider of advanced IT training courses, offers complete training solutions for SAP, UNIX/Linux, Oracle, CISCO, VMware and more. Established in 2007 by IT professionals having more than 33 years of current experience in the training and consulting industry, the company has defined itself as one of the most prestigious and trusted IT training providers in Toronto. Focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses in the full range of the business cycle, with a core staff of experienced professionals and a unique approach to training, UWIN Pro offers a more balanced, consistent quality of service.

The UWIN Pro Methodology

Pedagogically designed curriculum, interactive teaching methodology and ample room for discussions and team building activities make the learning process interesting. Our state of the art facility includes qualified and experienced staff imparting practical knowledge. Equipped with the latest multimedia technologies and proven instructional approaches, our qualified trainers replicate the same learning environments online. Completing your training courses online gives you the freedom to work through the curriculum from your office.

Flexibility and Customization

  • Customization of course curriculum to meet your strategic/business requirements.
  • Provision of follow-up sessions to enhance the learning process.
  • Delivery of courses and seminars at times that work for you.

The UWIN Pro Advantage

  • Wide range of Training programs to choose from.
  • Instructor-led classroom and online training options.
  • Flexible course start and end dates to accommodate your schedule.
  • All courses conducted by certified or qualified trainers.
  • Faculty with several years of industry exposure with the relevant technologies.
  • Highly evolved future proof courses developed with valuable inputs from industry experts and product vendors.
  • Competitive training quotes based on the size of the group.

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