Course features:

Learning Path

  • Understanding the DevOps culture and principles
  • Benefits and challenges of implementing DevOps
  • DevOps tools and technologies overview
  • Introduction to Linux operating system
  • Linux command line basics and navigation
  • File system management and permissions
  • Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Overview of essential AWS services and functionalities
  • Setting up and managing AWS resources
  • Introduction to version control systems
  • Git fundamentals and workflows
  • Collaborative development with Git
  • Introduction to Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concept
  • Terraform fundamentals and syntax
  • Managing infrastructure with Terraform
  • Leveraging Terraform Cloud for collaboration and remote state management
  • Workspaces and environment management
  • Continuous integration and delivery with Terraform
  • Introduction to Ansible and its role in configuration management
  • Ansible basics and playbook creation
  • Automating server configuration and deployment with Ansible
  • Introduction to monitoring systems
  • Prometheus architecture and components
  • Setting up and configuring Prometheus for monitoring applications and infrastructure
  • Hands-on exercises and projects based on real-world scenarios
  • Implementing DevOps best practices in a practical setting
  • Analyzing case studies to understand successful DevOps implementations