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Course features:



Learning Path

  • Overview of generative artificial intelligence and its significance
  • Explanation of key concepts such as generative models, GANs, VAEs, and autoregressive models
  • Understanding the difference between generative and discriminative models
  • Exploring real-world applications of generative AI across various industries
  • Case studies highlighting the use of generative AI in fields such as healthcare, finance, entertainment, and more
  • Discussion on the potential benefits and challenges of implementing generative AI solutions in business settings
  • Understanding how generative AI can drive innovation and competitive advantage in business strategy
  • Exploring opportunities for leveraging generative AI to enhance product development, customer experience, and market positioning
  • Discussion on strategic considerations and best practices for integrating generative AI into business operations
  • Identifying potential risks and challenges associated with the adoption of generative AI technologies
  • Discussion on ethical considerations, including bias, privacy, and security concerns
  • Strategies for mitigating risks and ensuring responsible use of generative AI in business environments